Sales Tips from the Golf Guy

A lot of sales trainers will teach salesmen that it takes 100 calls to get 10 meetings to make one sale. If that is true, then one good customer relationship is 100 times more important than 99 casual encounters. Yet many people will treat that precious resource with neglect, spending endless time making still another 100 calls. Good relationships are rare, very precious. Once you have one, your top priority must be to nurture, grow and protect it

My suggestions for increasing sales and building a great sales team include the following:

1.                  MAKE THEM LAUGH – LAUGHTER OPENS MINDS – Good moods can enhance a customer’s ability to think flexibly and with more complexity, thus making it easier to find solutions to problems. This suggests that one way to help someone think through a problem is to tell them a joke. Laughing, like elation, seems to help people think more broadly and associate more freely, noticing relationships that might have eluded otherwise. The memory is “state-specific.” Your customers will remember you better if they associate the memory with a good mood. Start every meeting with a story to loosen up the crowd. Ronald Reagan was famous for it. Teach your salesmen that laughter sells! It is a physiological fact. A little laughter goes along way in relaxing people, releasing favorable chemicals in their brains and opening up the creative pathways in people’s minds.

2.                  RECRUIT OPTIMISTS – The first thing your firm needs to do is build a great sales team that can sell. The number one indicator that someone will succeed in sales is a happy disposition. Hire Optimists!

Real Optimists! Optimist sell 37% more insurance for MetLife than pessimists. Optimists will sell better and make more money for everyone of you. Sales people face rejection every day. If you are not an optimist you will not be successful in sales.

3.                  TEACH THE HABIT OF WINNING- Find your people doing things right. Take them with you to meet your very best customers and let them start with warm friendly contacts. Let them feel good about themselves to start. That feeling of Winning will grow within them and they will be better salesmen. Let new sales people get the taste of winning in their mouths and reinforce that taste as needed. My job for my clients is to help them develop winners. That means coaching, mentoring, and supporting your sales team.

4.                  FEELINGS ARE CONTAGIOUS – Optimism is contagious. My basic job as a business development consultant is to invigorate and lift the spirits of your team. Salesmen want to work where there is hope, pride, dignity, and optimism. Work should provide good friends, good vibes, and supportive leadership. It doesn’t have to be a rock concert, or the final four. But the shared feelings in your office should be upbeat and optimistic. You are a leader. Your emotions are most important to your team. If you are upbeat, your people will follow. If you are sour, your team won’t stand a chance. My role in working with my clients is to provide you a chance to vent without having a lasting negative effect on your sales team. This is particularly true if CFO type individuals versus marketing types run your firm.


As a salesman, your mission statement is: When I walk out of a prospect’s door, his or her conscious and unconscious mind must say “Good guy: Glad he stopped by. Added to my day. Got me thinking. I feel a little better now than before he showed up. Keep knocking on that good vibe door. Soon the guard dog inside will step aside and once you are in, you and your newfound friend can take the relationship wherever you mutually want to go. Many of my clients are now great personal friends. And by the way, you might just be able to sell something while you are at it!

Every morning, when I wake up, my mission for the day is so clear! The happier I can make myself, the happier I can make other people. The happier I can make other people, the more I get paid.


I have known Dennis for more than 15 years and there is no one else in the golf business that knows what is going on in golf better than Dennis.

If you need help in selling a golf course or buying a course, Dennis can put you with the right contacts.

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In fact, if you are looking to sell, buy, manage, market, stock, finance, re-stock or re-staff, there is no one better to call than Dennis.  

Bobby West
Vice President of Operations
US Land Investments