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Dennis Shirley introduces you to the right people in the Golf Industry. He tells your story over the phone with passion and creates excitement in the industry about you and your team’s efforts. We bring passion, commitment, leadership, optimism and energy to your sales team. We expedite the decision making process by making sure you know where you stand with the client and what it takes to “CLOSE THE DEAL”.  We help you get in front of and form strategic partnerships with the right Golf Management Firms. We make sure your marketing dollars are producing quality “dating opportunities” and allow your sales team to focus on the best opportunities for closing profitable business. Dennis Shirley is the “Dating King” of Golf.

Dennis Shirley has a strategic alliance with the Association of Private Clubs & Directors (APCD) Client Services Program. In addition to his personal efforts on behalf of his clients with the golf management firms, the APCD provides him with direct links to the board members of the private clubs which are member-owned. These board members approve products and services for over 7000 clubs in America.

APCD Client Services uses its publications, contacts and access to industry forums to overcome the challenges you as a vendor encounter in this industry. The primary problems we solve for you are:

Accelerating the Decision-Making Process – In order to increase sales and dominate the golf market, YOU MUST INCREASE THE SPEED WITH WHICH DECISIONS ARE MADE. The private golf club is notoriously slow in making decisions due to its structure. We help you to identify and then eliminate the bottlenecks inherent to the current decision-making structure.

Scalability – Even the greatest sales rep network cannot reach all of the golf clubs that comprise this coveted niche. We provide the opportunity and resources necessary to deliver your message directly to these individuals through various “one-to-many” channels.

Credibility – One of the greatest challenges for any vendor is establishing credibility BEFORE the sales call. Ultimately the initial sales process is more about credibility than product features. We position you as an expert in your particular product categories.

Understanding the Decision-Making Process The general manager, golf professional, golf course superintendent, executive chef and the board of directors at the club may all be involved in the decision making process about your specific products. All it takes is one person to not have enough information, not have knowledge of your firm, or basically say “not interested” to slow down or kill the decision-making process.  Our APCD Client Services program affiliation provides you with the tools to aid your marketing and sales staff in understanding the complexities of the club decision process and how best to close the sale.

Access to Decision-Makers – Who are the decision-makers in the golf industry? The truth is, it varies from club to club and from Management Company to Management Company. In most cases, sales reps will present to club managers, assistant golf professionals, assistant chefs, assistant superintendents or lower-level management because it is easier for them to get appointments with these individuals. The board or directors and department heads are generally responsible for final purchasing approval. We help you reach the “right” individuals.

Access to Industry Influencers – The golf industry is large but remarkably close-knit. What other people are saying about your product or service can make or break your company. Those that have succeeded in this industry have done so by having people say good things about them. Word of Mouth Marketing is the most powerful and persuasive marketing weapon in the golf industry. We identify the appropriate industry influencers and make them champions of your company and it’s products and services.

Cost to Market With so many trade shows, industry publications and sponsorship opportunities, vendors are faced with the challenge of deciding where their marketing dollars are most effectively spent. We draw from years of industry experiences both as course operators and sales people to advise you on the best options to support your efforts.


New Business Development Opportunities Through our many daily phone calls with golf industry leaders and developers, we are able to acquire a number of potential business development opportunities. We share these LEADS with our clients, as they become available.

Elevation of Your Brand Awareness – We tell your story in person every day. We point out your strengths, your differences and the reasons why people do business with your firm. You already know what you are doing right, we make sure the golf industry does as well.

Personal Introductions to Management Company Leadership The names of more than 500 industry leaders of golf management firms are included in our database. We help your team get a foot in the door and are happy to make personal introductions to the “right” people at the firms that are doing the most business on your behalf. It is said that for every one hundred cold calls a good salesman will reach ten people and have one great meeting. We can help you tremendously increase your number of Great Meetings with these multi-course owners.

Access by Telephone to our Database and Historical Information – Over the years we have developed a database of more than 28,000 golf management professionals.  We have historical information on most individuals in this industry that can be extremely helpful in closing more sales.  If you truly know the person you are trying to sell to it really does help. Knowledge is Power.

Assistance with Scheduling Face to Face Meetings with Potential Clients- Not only can our team get you “in the door” for meetings with potential clients, we can make the sales process much more cost-effective. For instance, if you know today that you will be visiting Scottsdale next month, we can help you schedule additional meetings with the right people during your visit. 

Assistance with Sales Executive Recruiting – We know many of the top sales producers in the golf industry. If you need a great salesman, we can use our network of industry leaders to help you find quality people for your firm. This service is FREE but limited to recommendations and personal contact information.

Word-of-Mouth Promotion of Special Events and New Product Rollouts – If you make us aware of future show specials or industry wide promotions that you have planned, we will help spread the word and lend a hand in getting people to your booth. In some cases, our guidance and help might make the difference between success and failure.

The ARETE’ Standards Audit – This site visitation service is designed to eliminate the old adage “The Boss is the last to know”.  You have standards that you have set at your properties.  As secret shoppers, we check to make sure they are being consistently delivered to your golfing customers. We truly are knowledgeable customers. Our follow-up site visit reports can serve as the best training tool your company might ever use. Everyone could use another set of eyes and ears. Ours were trained by Four Seasons, Regent International, the Bass Brothers and other leading firms. Let us help you see what the customer sees!


Thank you for all your marketing efforts in representing ARC Group. Your involvement has made it easy for my group to meet other executives in club management companies. If it wasn't for you knowledge of the people in the golf industry, it would have taken longer for ARC to obtain some of our excellent club consulting agreements.
Dennis, whether you agree or not, you are well-known in the club industry and everybody respects your judgement. The club industry is small compared to other industries, and Dennis Shirley is highly trusted in the club industry because of his integrity, professionalism and friendly manner in which he presents his clients.
Antonio C. Luna
ARC Group
Dallas, TX


"If Dennis Shirley can't solve a problem in the Club, Resort or Golf Business he knows the person or persons that can.  To my knowledge Dennis has helped more Clubs and Managers find each other than anyone in the industry. Dennis has successfully managed, consulted, raised capital, and introduced managers to Clubs and Clubs to managers for his entire career.  Dennis probably has the largest rollodex in the Clubs, Golf and Resort Business - if you need a solution, a manager, capital or just advise Dennis Shirley will have or find the answer."
John F. Meeske
Director for the Center for Resort & Club Business
Methodist College
President - Resorts & Clubs, Inc.