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My frame of experience for this reference was that at that time I met Dennis I was involved in the hospitality industry and had been a member of a private club most of my life.  Later on I went on to found a company that did member satisfaction surveys in the private club industry.

The first time I came into contact with Dennis Shirley was when he was named the General Manager of a 1,500 member golf, tennis and fitness club I belong to that was managed by the Four Seasons Hotel Company.  It was immediately evident to me and the other members of the club that Dennis sincerely cared about his customers the members and was able to also gain the respect of the employees. He took great strides to insure that our needs were met and that the service levels were far above our expectations. His personal attention to the membership and his employees made him one of the best General Managers I have ever been associated with.

John Coolidge – UniFocus

“Dennis Shirley’s network within the golf industry is second to none.  There are no guarantees in life but retaining Dennis to bring qualified sales prospects to the table, then influencing them to purchase big-ticket offerings based largely on his relationships, helps spur substantial revenue advancements for his clients.”

Rich Katz
Vice President
Billy Casper Golf
Managing Director
Buffalo Communications

I have known Dennis for more than 15 years and there is no one else in the golf business that knows what is going on in golf better than Dennis.

If you need help in selling a golf course or buying a course, Dennis can put you with the right contacts.

If you are having trouble making your golf course profitable, just call Dennis and he will put you with right marketing contacts that will help you get yourself turned around.

If you need to use your buying power better in buying merchandise, equipment, or remodeling your club, Dennis is the man to call.

If you are looking for key people to manage your property, Dennis always has an excellent list of experienced people who he can recommend to you for the job.

In fact, if you are looking to sell, buy, manage, market, stock, finance, re-stock or re-staff, there is no one better to call than Dennis.  

Bobby West
Vice President of Operations
US Land Investments

When I think of Dennis Shirley the following characteristics come to my mind....Positive, Enthusiastic, Energized, Professional, Helpful, Friend.....
Dennis Shirley knows just about everyone in the golf business, and I've not heard one person every say a negative thing about him.  That's just about impossible.  However, based on his characteristic's above, it easy to see why he's been so successful and is someone you want to have on your team.
Bill Tanner
Dennis Shirley has never met anyone he did not know, his personality is one that adapts to all types of situations. He is what I call "Real People", what you see is what you get with Dennis, there is no hidden agenda. He is quick to assist people in their business & personal needs. Great networking individual. One of the better people I know.
Gene Honermann
Sports Leisure  

Thank you for all your marketing efforts in representing ARC Group. Your involvement has made it easy for my group to meet other executives in club management companies. If it wasn't for your knowledge of the people in the golf industry, it would have taken longer for ARC to obtain some of our excellent club consulting agreements.
Dennis, whether you agree or not, you are well-known in the club industry and everybody respects your judgment. The club industry is small compared to other industries, and Dennis Shirley is highly trusted in the club industry because of his integrity, professionalism and friendly manner in which he presents his clients.
Antonio C. Luna
ARC Group
Dallas, TX

"If Dennis Shirley can't solve a problem in the Club, Resort or Golf Business he knows the person or persons that can.  To my knowledge Dennis has helped more Clubs and Managers find each other than anyone in the industry. Dennis has successfully managed, consulted, raised capital, and introduced managers to Clubs and Clubs to managers for his entire career.  Dennis probably has the largest Rolodex in the Clubs, Golf and Resort Business - if you need a solution, a manager, capital or just advise Dennis Shirley will have or find the answer."
John F. Meeske
Director for the Center for Resort & Club Business
Methodist College
President - Resorts & Clubs, Inc.


“There is nobody who knows more about who’s who and what’s what in the golf business than Dennis Shirley.  I have known and worked with him for a number of years, and have found him to be professional, responsive, and really effective at making introductions and assisting in establishing relationships between two people or groups of people.  For anybody wanting to break into the golf business, or increase their number of contacts and prospects, I would highly recommend involving Dennis.”

Kim Allison Wilhelm
Founder, inOne Advertising & Design, Scottsdale, AZ

Dennis is one of the most  connected individuals I know in the club industry.  Whether you need information on hiring a GM, or what POS system to use, to credit card processing,  I am always amazed at how his input and guidance is always right on the mark.  Anyone in our industry looking for "Mr.Network" should get to know Dennis as he is a most valuable resource!

Paul K. Levy, PGA
Senior Vice President Club Operations
Sunrise Company